Brand : manas microsystems

Manas have now introduced a new Bulk type Ultrasonic Flow Meter Series. This meter operates on digital process technology with stable & permanent Piezo-Seal sensor. It is available with integral
version of transmitter.

Bulk type Ultrasonic Flow meter is a battery operated and transit–time Flow meter utilizing advanced digital processing technology. It is specifically designed where Electric supply is not available & accurate flow measurement is essential.

  • Battery Operated ( Battery Life 5 Years )
  • Sizes Available from 2” to 20”.
  • Maintenance – free meter where no external power sources are available.
  • Self-adjusting transducer receiving circuit continually adapts to changing pipe diameters due to scaling or corrosion.
  • The meter contains No moving parts & does not require any external power supply.
  • Highly Accurate & Reliable.
  • Fast response to flow transits.
  • Unique housing design rated to IP 68.

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