Electromagnetic Flow Meter

We Manufacture Electromagnetic flow meters which are widely used for flow measurement of conducting fluid. These are used for measurement of waste water applications or any dirty liquids which are conductive or water based. This Sensor works on the Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic Induction. The new sensors are more compact in size & more sensitive. Earth ring or Earth electrode both option are available. Empty tube detection is also provided. Transmitter comply with IP67 & Sensor comply with IP68.
EM Compatibility :
As per IEC 61326-2-3 &
IEC 61000-3-2; 2006

APPLICATIONS: Electromagnetic Flow meter are used in Sewage Treatment, Effluent Treatment, Industrial Utility Management, Water Supply Schemes, Sugar Industries & Distilleries, Automobile Industries, Chemical Industries, Food & Beverages, Boiler Feed Water Measurement Plant etc.

Smart Sroat 1002    EMFM SS1002:

Manas have now introduced a new type of primary flow sensor & smart flow transmitter in their electromagnetic flow meter series.
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Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter (SROAT 1000i)


Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter is an Ideal solution for water flow measurements in large diameter pipes.

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Water Style Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Jal-Oagh )


Economical series of Electromagnetic flow meter, considering water as the most important utility in any industry.

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Sanitary Grade Electromagnetic Flow Meter


The Series SG-Sroat of Electromagnetic Flow meter is specifically designed for Food and Drug Industries.

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MEGA Sroat

Series MEGA Sroat is offering large sizes of Electromagnetic Flow meters introduced by Manas.

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Battery Operated Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Manas has now introduced a new type of Battery Operated Electromagnetic Flow meter series.

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Ultrasonic Flow Meter PS 3000 (Paraswanik SROAT)


Manas have now introduced a new Bulk type Ultrasonic Flow Meter Series.

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Electro Magnetic Flow Meter – SMART JAL Ec

SMART JAL Ec meter’s are commonly used in Treated Effluent, Sewage water, Waste water etc.

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